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Drip was an subscription service for fans. Creators included Owsla (Skrillex), Diplo, Mad Decent, Stones Throw, visual artist Michael Cina and more. This was the first time I expanded my role as a designer to manage releases, sprints, work more closely with engineering to ship product. I also worked on a pivot.


The "fan club"


The challenge & opportunity:

How do we strengthen the relationship between artists and fans so that fans feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, even when the artist might be on a hiatus.

My role:

Design, product. (Brand by Eli Rousso)


Curiosity & hypothesis


Unlike a lot of the popular creators on Patreon, music doesn’t run on a weekly schedule. This was a problem for Drip whose main group of creators were artists and independent labels. They had rabid fans, but when the artists were touring, busy or just taking time off to write, it was hard to keep the drips going. Additionally, it was only on the web, and by 2015 artists were engaging with their fans on their phones. 

My hypothesis was that if we could create a mobile first solution with a greater community aspect (like subreddits), we could build a modern day version of a “fan club”

I wanted to leverage supply and demand mechanics for important growth and revenue levers.


Exploration & Outcome

We didn’t get that far with the plan because we were acquired by Kickstarter a few months in. We’d done primary and user research, iterated on prototypes and a new business model to help artists build a direct to fan space to sell limited edition items and more.

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