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Hannah Donovan

Hi, I’m Han

I’m a design strategist. I blend my background in design with my experience in business. I currently work on the Search Strategy & Insights team at Google.

I’m a two-time founder and love building consumer products with collaborative teams who think boldly.

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About Me

My career spans 15+ years of working in tech. Some wild moments include include being the first designer at; co-founding This Is My Jam and Trash; leading Vine through their most difficult hour; raising from top tier VCs; having my company Trash get acquired by VSCO; winning two National Science Foundation Grants; co-authoring a patent; speaking at over 50+ conferences internationally (including one where I got to open for my design idol!); and starting a podcast with my writing partner and co-host, Cheraé.

Work samples/portfolio available upon request:


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